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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Summer in Wyoming Comes To An End

Well, another summer at Warren Bridge Campground in Wyoming has come to an end and it's time to move south again... until next year!
         The desert is calling, and we must go!!! 

To review September... 

After the Labor Day weekend, Kathleen & Mike got on their way... we had enjoyed a good long visit with them and were glad that they had this place to be while Mike was recuperating from an illness that hit him while on the road. We enjoyed them being with us for the eclipse, along with the others that were here... such a fun time!, and it was good to have this nice long time together as "neighbors." Look forward to our next time together!

Then, it was fun to have Dori & Ken visit for a few days! They did a bit of sightseeing and we had visits in between... a meal together, and a great time catching up. Thank you for stopping in... look forward to time together in Tucson this winter!

We took a day in mid-September for a road trip to a Wyoming area we had not previously visited. Headed out early one morning, and were fortunate to come upon some Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the Hoback Canyon.

Then on to Afton. Had read about the "Intermittent Spring" there, so followed the instructions to a parking area about four miles east of town. It was a beautiful day for a drive, and the short hike was most enjoyable! The spring was running full, so no surging, but beautiful. And, nice to be out in a new area. 

Fun to watch this dad fishing with his daughters!

Back in Afton, we had lunch at Rocky Mountain Seafood, and visited Star Valley Chocolates. Was a nice day!!!

Mary Jane & Tom returned for one night before moving on, and we had a good visit and dinner at Wind River Brewing Company in Pinedale. Their timing was just right to get out of here before winter arrived! Thanks for our gifts :), and we look forward to seeing you both this winter, also!

And, winter did arrive! Temperatures dropped, and soon there was rain and a bit of snow. But, the campground kept busy with an average of nine campsites occupied each night! Sometimes we felt guilty to be comfortable in our motorhome, with heat and running water, when others were in tents and sleeping in their vehicles, but... choices and adventures come in many forms.

We have mentioned before about enjoying the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables delivered weekly to Pinedale by the Produce Peddler of Mack, Colorado. Leah & Zay showed up every week, all summer long, and we SO appreciate them making the long trip weekly! This makes a huge difference for us and others who care about healthy food! We get to Jackson for groceries every few weeks, but nothing can compare with good, fresh produce! Thank you, both, for your dedication to good food! See you again next summer!

😜On the light side... kids DO say the darnedest things! 
One evening as Tom was delivering some firewood to a young couple with two small boys, the older of the two boys (maybe about seven years old), has some questions. The conversation went something like this...

Little Boy:  "Hey, is that a bionic leg?" 
Tom:          "No, its called a prosthetic leg."
Little Boy:  "What happened?"
Tom:          "I had an accident. Do you want to see it?"
Little Boy:  "Yeah!"  
          (Tom shows him)
Little Boy:  "So, how fast does your ATV go?"

😜    😜    😜    😜    😜    😜    😜

Interesting how quickly summer turned to winter around mid-September, with colder temps, rain and snow! We began with snow in May, and now we end with snow again here at the end of September! Summer is short in Wyoming!

Luckily, the sun returned for a few days! Such beauty!
Maggie enjoyed a few more walks to the river with us!

But, cold, rainy weather has returned as we end the season and prepare to close the campground and hit the road.  Tomorrow is our last day here... just a few details yet to attend to and finish up. We are packed and will be ready to roll Monday morning! 

We give thanks for a wonderful summer and adventures ahead, remaining mindful of those suffering, dealing with loss, with health issues and disasters, and troubling situations of all sorts... in our country, and around the world. We celebrate our many blessings as we keep good thoughts for those in need, and do what we can to promote love, kindness, acceptance of diversity and truth! 

We have a number of stops to make for visits with family and friends before returning to Tucson mid-October. So looking forward to time with all along our route! And, we look forward to returning to our Tucson home for winter in the desert!             

Be well, everyone! Dianne & Tom

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." - Mother Teresa


  1. Wow summer is over too quickly. Just like you we are looking forward to getting back to the desert again, travel safe.

  2. looks like it is a good time to get out of dodge with the white stuff flying. Have a safe trip home to Tucson! Enjoyed our visit earlier this year. wont be coming south this winter so hope to see you next year at WB on our way to Nebr!

  3. I love how kids just take accept things as normal and then move on to the next thing that fascinates them. Too bad we lose that as we get older. Enough with the snow. Definitely time to get back to AZ after all the fun visiting along the way.

  4. Great post! LOVE Tom's conversation with the little boy!

  5. Safe travels south and hopefully we will be south again this year. Enjoyed our time at WB with you.

  6. We didn't make it this summer, but we're looking forward to seeing you this winter, it's been too long.

  7. Interesting summer for sure. Loved the questions about the bionic leg. Shows the important thing to the boy ... the ATV. :)


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