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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mid-December 2015

Hello, and Merry Christmas everyone! 

We continue to enjoy our time in Quartzsite, taking daily walks, enjoying the sun and beautiful desert (though some colder lately and a bit of needed rain), and have had some great visits with friends in the area and some "passing through." 

Sandy & Paul stopped by for a couple of days as they were returning to Houston... fun to see them again and have some good chats. They stayed at an rv park in town, but came out to our site for a day!

We took a drive to Bouse one day to visit Linda & Ron... we first met here in Quartzsite last year when they were new fulltimers. They visited us three times in Wyoming last summer, which was great fun! So nice to see their "winter home" and have some time together again!

Temporarily left our site at La Posa South to join Karen & Bob for four days at Plamosa Road... had a most enjoyable time together! The guys took morning walks and went on a day trip to find a mine, plus we all four went on a road trip one day to visit a few surrounding towns and look up some friends of theirs. We enjoyed meals together, and sat around visiting and catching up. Karen and I went to town one morning to do laundry and check out a few stores, and we had lots of sharing to do about our Swedish weaving projects. Has been so good to reconnect with these special friends and we look forward to more time together after the first of the year!

One day, Julie & Mike drove up from Yuma, and Sue & Paul, and Marilyn & Brad drove from Lake Havasu City... we all met at Silly Al's for pizza and nearly four hours of visiting, sharing and catching up! Was a truly enjoyable gathering with these special folks! Looking forward to time with all of them later, also!

As many of you know, our cat "Maggie" spends most of her time outdoors... she knows our motorhome is "home" and always finds her way back, wherever we are. But, if we are in a busy area where there is traffic, or where there are many rigs and she might get locked in someone's storage compartment while snooping around, her access to the outdoors is limited.
Here in the desert, she is free to roam as much as she likes... until nearing dark. Then, because of coyotes, she is closed in by around 4pm each day.

Recently, a friend observed her opening our screen door... I thought it was maybe an accident until we WATCHED her do it. So, I decided to catch her in the act and, sure enough... she knows exactly what she is doing!!! 

Yep... just reach up, press down on the black handle and FREEDOM!!!
Slider must now be closed at ALL times! 

Because of our extended time in Quartzsite this winter, Tom has been enjoying the local Gem & Mineral Club... working and volunteering a bit in the lapidary shop, and has been on some interesting field trips. He is really enjoying this more relaxing pace!

Our desert sunrises and sunsets have been magnificent... such a beautiful time of year to be in the desert southwest!

Well, that's about it from us for this year. We will enjoy a quiet Christmas together, and be thinking of our families and friends... and wishing each of you a beautiful holiday season filled with love!

Be well, everyone! Dianne & Tom

"May peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!" - Author Unknown


  1. Maggie the great escape cat! Aren't animals just amazing. Have a very Merry Christmas. Ours is going to be very quiet also.

    1. Hope Jim is getting along well. Best wishes to you both!

  2. Our cat Noah has had a rough year with respiratory and thyroid problems, therefore has had no interest is going outdoors as in past years. When we arrived in the desert, he has began venturing out a bit. He does not bother to open the door, he just jumps through the opening if the slider is left open. Our fur babies are a joy~

  3. so much fun at Silly Al's! Look forward to visiting again soon!

  4. We love the desert as well great sunrises and sunsets, maybe cooler a but the sunshine takes care of that pretty quickly, enjoy...

  5. That's one smart cat! Merry Christmas.


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