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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beautiful Desert Southwest!

Hello all! Amazing to think that we have begun the final month of 2015! Hope everyone enjoyed a good Thanksgiving. 

Continuing to keep good thoughts and caring hearts for those dealing with loss, and for those suffering with illness and uncertainty. At a time when a small percentage of haters make the news, we choose to focus on the throngs of good sending out positive energy... there is much to be grateful for. We keep good thoughts for all, and focus on the abundant goodness in this world!

We enjoyed our time in San Diego County with family and friends! Important time with my parents, and great visits with those we saw there. Thanks to all for making the visit special!

We are now enjoying our time in the desert! Should be interesting to watch as Quartzite, Arizona goes from a sleepy little desert town to a booming RV mecca. We stay away from much of the circus, probably won't go to town often, and enjoy great hiking trails and sunshine! Uncertain as to what the predicted El Nino weather pattern may bring this winter... best advice seems to be, "don't park in an arroyo or low spot of any kind." This is our current location :)

We have had a project in mind and, while sitting still in this beautiful location, finally put it together... a screen to block the breeze, as needed. Can be easily disassembled should a desert breeze turn to wind. May make one side longer? Some unknowns, but a good start. Plus, the tarp under the edge of our motorhome makes a big difference in reducing airflow from under the rig!

We have enjoyed a bit of time with Denise... so nice to have her nearby!  Have also enjoyed a visit with friends Sandy & Paul passing through the area on their way back to Houston, as well as Ruth & Dale who snuck in a few days here between engagements... we look forward to their return later in the month. Will be fun to see others who will be filtering in during December and January. Good visits mixed with lots of quiet time... again, much to be grateful for!

Take care. As always, we value our connections to each of you and look forward to hearing from those we will not be seeing this winter. Be well, everyone!

Hugs, Dianne & Tom

"I'm too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed." - El DeBarge

Promote Kindness and Peace!


  1. Love your wind screen, we sure could use one down here in windy Yuma way. See you in a few weeks we hope.

  2. Love that area of the desert, we be arriving somewhere In Q probably this saturday for a few weeks.
    Nice that you got to see Denise again too, such a super lady.

  3. YAY for making it to Quartzsite! One of our favorite boondocking spots (when it's not crowded ;-) We were going to head that way this week but decided to wait until mid month. Make sure you look us up if you make it to North Ranch! Soak up LOTS of sunshine!

  4. I really like your wind break! I made a sun screen last year and enjoyed it.

    We were in Q for one night as we traveled to Borrego Springs. Since the temperatures here are 6 to ten degrees warmer here, we just may stay longer than first planned.

  5. Wish we were going to be seeing you in Q but not happening this year. That's a neat wind screen and should really come in handy out in the desert.

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you're spending some time with Denise. She needs good people close. Enjoy the desert. We're thinking next year it just might be San Diego! I love that area. Enjoy your time.

  7. Wonderful thoughts for peace - we will be in Q mid January


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