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Saturday, October 31, 2015


 Ok... bear with me here! Learning a new computer program, and Windows LiveWriter is not supported to prepare a blog update offline in advance, so here goes anyway.

Mid-October found us in Bend, Oregon where we met up with Nancy & Dave at the Elk's Lodge RV Park... they took us to a great neighborhood pub for an enjoyable evening of live music.

Then, it was time for Tom to have a bit of dental work, so Maggie helped soothe the pain for him :)

During his week of healing, we hung out with friends, Barb & Doug in Terrebonne... they so graciously made us welcome parked in their yard, showed us around the area and we had many good chats. Thanks, friends!

From the Bend area, we moved to Lebanon, Oregon for some time with my Aunt June, cousin Christine and her husband, Kevin. They treated us to "Taco Tuesday" at the local bowling alley and lunch at an Asian buffet the next day, plus delicious food in their homes and terrific visits! Thank you all for a truly lovely visit and special time to reconnect!

While in Lebanon, we took a drive north to a Portland suburb to visit the Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals... Tom's one real desire on this trip was to see the "Alma Rose," an incredible rhodocrosite specimen from the Sweet Home Mine in Colorado... he has two small specimens, actually, but this brought tears to his eyes! This and the other magnificent displays were well worth the trip!

Next we headed to the coast... a walk in an old-growth forest along the way was a must! 

We are now in Newport, Oregon... just in time for their first storm of the season! Has been fun to reconnect with classmate, Phoebe, from our high school days in Fallbrook, California. Phoebe gave us a great tour of Newport on our first afternoon here. We so enjoyed meeting her husband, Bob, and touring their lovely home! Will have dinner together tomorrow evening... thanks, Phoebe, for making us so very welcome in your hometown!
Today we walked around the shops and docks of the Bayfront Area. A little rain doesn't dampen our spirits! Tomorrow we will get out to the beach, rain or shine, and hunt for agates!

Happy Halloween to all!  Hard to believe we change our clocks and welcome November tomorrow!

Be well, everyone! Dianne & Tom

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photo-graphs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." -Ansel Adams


  1. If you're in Oregon and don't want to explore in the rain you will never get outside.Fun times. Be safe.

    1. Yep... seems that's the way it is. Tom poked around on the beach today and found an agate and a piece of petrified wood... came home soaked and smiling! Tomorrow we will go to Agate Beach and he is hoping to fill a bucket, even if we both get soaked :)

  2. If you were in Arizona you wouldn't have to change your clocks.

    1. We were just talking about that very same thing... many good things about the Arizona desert :)

  3. Glad you are so enjoying your time in Oregon.

    1. Yes, we are... but I miss the dry climates of CO and AZ where things dry quickly and the sun is bright. In time :)


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