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Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Already!!!

Summer is flying by!  July has been a very busy month, with nearly twice as many campsites occupied each week as last year.  And, weather continues to be fall-like some days, and then back to being summer.  Even got down to 29 degrees one night earlier this week as a front moved through.  Then, 32 one night, 34 the next, and the most beautiful 80+ days of the bluest skies and bright sunshine!  Now back in the 40s at night.

Linda & Ron returned for a few days and we again enjoyed time with them!  One afternoon we went to a music event and BBQ at the Branding Iron Café in Bonderant, WY.  Great food and good music, plus a good time with these friends! 
20150718_164903 T & D, Linda & Ron

The Branding Iron is a special place 19 miles north of our campground… owned and operated by nice folks, Dave & Melissa, pictured below, and they serve truly excellent food!  We are always happy to recommend the Branding Iron Café to our campers!
20150718_17284120150718_172807   20150718_16512720150718_174356 Dave, Melissa

Linda & Ron headed on to Yellowstone, and returned for one more overnight with us before moving on to Colorado.  We look forward to catching up with them again this next winter in Arizona!!!

Was great to have Becky & Dave stop in for a couple of days… snapped this photo as they were heading on.  Will look forward to seeing them next winter, also!!!

Mixed in with our campground duties, Tom has been working on caulking seams and touching up the paint on the roof caps of our motorhome.  Also, he tore apart  our toilet and put in new seals and flushing mechanism. Always good to get projects done!

And, some final visits in this past month… Deborah & Keith returned for a few days! And so nice to make the acquaintance of another delightful couple, Vicki & Mike… one of those “meant to be” meetings (Mike’s term for it :) as they stumbled upon our campground. Something “clicked,” and we had some great visits and sharing.  And, a fun time together for an afternoon meal at the Branding Iron Café Cafe! Both couples heading out tomorrow… travel safely, friends! 

In the photo below, Vicki, Mike, Keith, Deborah, Dianne, Tom
2015.08.01 Vicki, Mike, Keith, Debrah, Dianne, Tom IMG_3277

Be well, everyone!  Dianne & Tom

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.” - John Lennon

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.” – Marcus Aurelius


  1. Not sure I'd say our summer was flying by but with all the company you guys have had I can see why yours would be. Sounds like its been a busy summer which is good for the campground.

    1. Yes, your summer has had some snags. Will you get to Montana? Guessing Jim is chomping at the bit to do some fishing. Glad you had no damage from the recent monsoon storm! Take care!

  2. You two look great, and it sounds like you are having a great summer.

    1. Thanks! Hope all is well with you both... we miss you :)

  3. Great blog post as always...I'm beginning to do the once a month thing myself. Where in AZ will you be this winter? You know where we are...come visit.

    1. Thanks... had a good teacher :) Just posted a comment to your blog... always enjoy staying connected to you two. I try to post an update to our blog around the first and middle of each month... sometimes busy and many photos, and other times quite boring, but makes for a good record of our time living this grand lifestyle. See you during the winter!

  4. You folks are looking well, Diane & Tom. Fulltiming obviously agrees with you! Alice and I did a quick visit to Yellowstone... thought about trying to find our way to Pinedale, but we had to get back to work... so, maybe in Arizona this Winter. We are heading in October from here at Hart Ranch to Texas, and then driving the toad to Michigan for the Holidays. It will be January before we get to Arizona.

    Lets stay in touch, and safe travels.
    Jim & Alice

    1. Hi... sorry to be so late with this reply! I previously set our comments to moderate them, due to some spam, but forgot to watch for comments and hit the "publish" button :) At any rate, good to hear from you... hope you have enjoyed your gig at Hart Ranch. Understand about not fitting it in to swing by here, and we will look forward to catching up with you somewhere this next winter. Be well! D & T


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