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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The first week of July was warm and sunny.  Then, the rain returned for nearly a week… go figure! As we hear from friends RVing in various parts of the country, it seems many have encountered “interesting” weather this summer. More sunshine here again, and then it clouds up and rains… never know what to expect from day to day! The good news is that we have no tornados, no hurricanes, no flooding, no humidity, no snakes or bears, and not many bugs.  We so enjoy the beautiful views in all directions!

Was nice to have Kayla and Weston (daughter & son-in-law) visit for a couple of days… and, their sweet puppies.  We don’t see any of our kids often so a treat, to be sure!
20150710_191714 20150711_104545

Not much else to report… things are just rolling along and we are enjoying the summer.

Best wishes to all!  Be well, everyone! Dianne & Tom
“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine… it’s summertime!”  Kenny Chesney


  1. You really do have beautiful views and I sure miss them. So far we don't have any tornadoes, bugs, snakes or anything like that. We do have heat and boredom.

    1. Oh, Sandie... just saw a moose run by!!! Made me think of you :) Also, wanted to again say that we are thinking of you both and wishing Jim a successful surgery! Be well, you two! Hugs, D & T


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