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Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st…

As we say goodbye to February, we also say goodbye to our dear friend Marilyn Getz Neely of Alamosa who passed on February 21st.  So many family and friends gathered to pay tribute and share their love of her, and to support Braxton and family at this sad time of loss.  We are far away, but connected… we hold each of them in our hearts and will never forget how special Marilyn is to us.  We are most grateful for the many times we had together over the years and, particularly, for the good visit we had last October when she was feeling pretty good.  The attached photo was taken then of Braxton & Marilyn :)
20141012_102146 Braxton & Marilyn

At the same time we experience feelings of loss, we have learned valuable lessons of living life to the fullest!  Even in her illness, Marilyn loved to hear about our travels and adventures.  We each experience loss of family members and friends… that is the way of life… but we must not let sadness get us down for long.  We owe it to ourselves and to those we love to enjoy life!  So, we must each care for each other, embrace the experiences and adventures we can, and move forward with joy!  That’s our take on it… thank you for letting us share, and for being part of our lives.

This past two weeks while at the Saguaro SKP park in Benson, Arizona we have enjoyed working on projects and having time with friends. It’s been nice to have a lot with a good space for working and gatherings… Tom built the doors for our two tv cabinets that were previously converted to storage spaces. He is now working on the new table/cabinet that will sit just inside our door.  Sure appreciate his talents! 
20150218_11112820150225_12405420150217_19135220150228_083910 20150228_134534

I have been weaving on my afghan, and finished one half of the project!  So pleased with learning this beautiful craft (thank you, again, Carol!), and look forward to keeping my fingers flying.  But, I must remember to take time to walk and get more exercise along the way.          (Maggie thinks it’s for her :)
20150301_083305  20150219_211640

Of course, this time with friends has been special!  Diane & Dave had been here a few days when we arrived, Becky & Dave arrived about an hour before we did on the 16th, Deborah & Keith arrived on the 17th, and Karen & Bob rolled in on the 23rd.  We enjoyed numerous gatherings… good visits!  Below is a photo of all of us at one of those times.  Plus, Dave K. demonstrated his "flying toy" for all the guys to oooh and aaah over this morning!  Pretty impressive, actually!  Thanks, Dave!
20150226 SANY4611  20150301_101458

So, that’s it for now.  Becky & Dave, and Deborah & Keith are leaving tomorrow… safe travels, dear friends!  I am headed off to Boise, Idaho on Tuesday to visit my sister and brother-in-law there for the week. SO looking forward to this special time with my sis!  Tom will enjoy the peace and quiet while taking care of Maggie & Nell, and working on his projects.  He also has another appointment for a fitting on his new prosthesis… seems encouraged with the progress on that!  Here’s hoping!

Best wishes to each of you… be well!  Dianne & Tom

What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet! 


  1. Sorry about your friend. Saying goodbye is a difficult thing to do.

    I love the work you've accomplished for both you and Tom. It's always fun to have projects. Have a great visit with your sister.

  2. It's sad to lose a friend. You sent her off with love. Enjoy your time with your sister.

  3. This is another great blog post!!! Sorry for the loss of your friend...we didn't know her from Alamosa. We will be in Tucson today for Escapade, maybe we could get together.

  4. That afghan is absolutely gorgeous! Great work!

    Tom is earning his dinner, isn't he. Great work Tom!

    So sorry about your dear friend. Saying good-by is sad, but you carry great memories.


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