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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Desert Peacefulness

Here at the end of March, Quartzsite is no longer the bustling desert town it was in January, but is actually quite pleasant and relaxed.  While most of our Canadian friends have returned home, and they and others in the north are dealing with snow and colder temps, we are experiencing unseasonably hot weather in the Desert Southwest.

Though hotter than we would like for boondocking, in the 90s for the past few days, a cooling trend is in the forecast.  Awnings and window shades, plus the position of our motorhome to minimize direct sun, make a huge difference.  Our refrigerator is working pretty hard!  We are cooking outdoors and sitting in the shade a lot.  But, the beautiful, cool mornings… particularly the morning walks… and pleasant evenings make it all worthwhile.

Photos below… our peaceful, private location way down the road,” the view from our dining window,” and a beautiful sunset sky!
 SANY4671SANY4677  SANY4665

On our first day in Quartzsite, Carol & Steve came and parked by us for a night as they were passing through… fun to have dinner with them and spend an evening outdoors visiting!

But, to backup a bit… while in the Tucson area, we had dinner with Nancy & Dave one evening… always good to catch up with them. Got better acquainted with Ruth & Dale, and met Charlie & Bill.  Great people… look forward to our paths crossing down the road.  One evening we went to Benson for a fun gathering at Lynn & Roger’s site to connect with Tina & Jeff as they were passing through… great to meet Tina & Jeff’s adorable “fur-kid.”  Cali has found a terrific home with them, and is thoroughly loved already!

Made one final visit to Hanger Prosthetics for some minor adjustments to Tom’s new prosthesis.  He is most pleased to finally have a good fit!  Eddie was terrific to work with!  And, small world… Eddie has a son who manages a ranch in Daniel, Wyoming near our summer campground gig, so we look forward to Eddie’s visit in September!  Thanks for everything, Eddie!
20150318_091206 20150310_133822

Stopped in Sun City, AZ to visit with Bobbie & Jim… longtime friends from Alamosa, CO who are now transitioning from full-time to part-time RVers.  Good to see their new condo… beautiful, and a perfect winter home for them!  Enjoyed a great dinner and evening visiting!   
One additional photo to share below… Maggie and Nell staying cool in the shade on a hot day :)
20150318_193350  SANY4692

So, that’s about it from here… plan to begin moving north before long, thru Nevada and into Idaho.  Always a bit tricky transitioning from this hot climate to the cooler areas up north.  Looking forward to another great summer at Warren Bridge Campground, and expect we will open it around mid-May, depending on the weather… time will tell  :)

Be well, everyone!  Tom & Dianne

“I have never been in a natural place and felt that it was a waste of time.  I never have.  And it’s a relief.  If I’m walking around a desert or whatever, every second is worthwhile.”   - Viggo Mortensen


  1. glad to hear about the "good fit"

  2. So enjoyed your visit to our new place. It was a good visit.

  3. So enjoyed your visit to our new place. It was a good visit.

  4. We drove through Overton NV--we stayed two nights..very hot. We then drove to Ely NV where we stayed at KOA--pleasant weather. Next was to Jackpot NV--very windy and 37 degrees this a.m. Slowly warming. Our final stop will be Boise. If you go throgh Alamo, NV, be sure to stop at Windmill Ridge on the hill and have some BBQ ribs. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. Oh My, I certainly couldn't handle the heat in Q at this time of year. And I don't like the COLD here up North ! LOL


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