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Friday, January 2, 2015

Thanks to Carol Ann Dwyer for this beautiful header photo of our peaceful little compound here west of Yuma, Arizona! Good times with good friends... just doesn't get much better!


  1. She really is amazing with that camera.

  2. Wow, keep that one is beautiful

  3. Steve and Carol Dwyer had a total ball boondocking with Tom/Dianne and Jeff/Tina Cox - out on Ogilvy Road west of Yuma. We had some great campfires and a buffet at Linn’s in town, along with Denise Murrin and Skip/Jean Gaunt. Dianne even shocked us by enlightening us that the word “prerogative” is really PRErogative!! I lost twenty bucks on that one. Dianne, I am so delighted that you like and used the banner photo, above, of our three rigs at sunset near Ogilvy road. We look forward to seeing everyone at Q.


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