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Thursday, January 1, 2015

It’s a New Year, EH?

After a couple of cold, windy days we woke this first day of 2015 to bright, blue skies and sunshine here just west of Yuma, AZ!  Yippee!  Though cool at 35 degrees for a low overnight, we aren’t complaining… heard the high in Pinedale, WY yesterday was –17… ouch!  Hearty folks there… I think we like the summer temps there better  :) 

We are gathered here off American Girl Mine Road with Carol & Steve, and Tina and Jeff.  So glad that Denise is nearby, as are Jean & Skip and Kelly and Al :)

Some language tidbits… we are pleased to be accepted as “honorary Canadians” by some of our RV friends, but almost recently lost that status when I used their expression “eh” in our last post by incorrectly writing, “ay.”  So sorry… that mistake will NOT happen again, trust me.  I’ve got it now… EH!

It’s fun to learn different words and expressions… and, these tend to vary from province to province, as with different states and regions of our country.  Some favorites…

TOUQUE (pronounced tooook) – a knit cap… our daughter is crazy about knit caps, and I love to wear a touque at a campfire!  I also understand that among friends, it’s sometimes called a “block warmer” :)

SHACK-WACKY – known to us as “Cabin Fever.”

A PITCH IN – a fitting phrase for a meal,  like a potluck, where we all pitch in with whatever we have to make a group meal with a bunch of neighboring RVers.

While in Borrego Springs, since our Christmas Eve post, we enjoyed a special dinner with Becky & Dave… a pitch in with good food and better company !

Went on an outing to climb Ghost Mountain and visit the remains of the home where the Marshall South family lived a primitive life experiment from 1930-1947… thought provoking.  In the photo below… Dave, Becky, Bob, Tom, Karen, Harry and Shoko. A good day!
    20141226_100252 20141226_104114 

Bob and Tom fit in a trip to “the Pumpkin Patch” one day, an interesting area of sandstone concretions.
20141224 SANY460220141224 SANY4599

One day, Nina and Cherie & Chris hosted a gathering of neighboring boondockers… fun to get a tour of the Technomadia bus conversion, visit with friends, and meet some folks we had known of but not met until that afternoon.  Some brave souls stayed to watch a film shown on a screen on the side of the bus… a bit cold and windy, so some of us bailed out :(  A good time… thank you to our hosts! 
20141227_164005 20141227_162146

After knowing of Kelly & Al and following their blog for quite some time, it was great to finally meet them!  The next day, Al took Tom to see the SNAKE rockwork we had heard about… he enjoyed his time with Al, and later that day we visited with Kelly & Al, and took Nell with us to meet their dog, Pheebe… the girls got along great, and we SO enjoyed getting acquainted with these nice folks! 

Kelly and Al showed us their rig, a Triple E made in Canada, and then toured ours… many similarities and also Amish made… wondering if there might be some connection between Triple E and Newmar? 

I “lifted” a couple of photos from the Bayfield Bunch blog… so nice of you to share, Al… feel free to copy any of ours you like.  I particularly like the photo I took below of Al & Kelly!  And, we appreciate having a recent photo of ourselves…thanks :)
20141228 SANY4606 20141228 SANY4607 20141228_15551420141228 Nell & Pheebe by Al   20141228_145314 Al & Kelly 20141228 Tom & Dianne by Al

We had a wonderful few weeks in Borrego Springs, and good times with friends, old and new!!!  On our final night there, we enjoyed a great dinner at Carmelita’s with Diane & Dave… yummy food and fun company!  We say “sorry” to those we didn’t see before leaving the area and heading east… just ran out of time, but look forward to seeing you again down the road :)

So, now it’s 2015 and we reflect on our blessings!  We look forward to living simply and mindfully, out in the middle of nowhere and off-grid as much as possible, and enjoying amazing adventures in this new year!

A rough idea of our plans as we look forward to mostly hanging out in the desert southwest… moving to Quartzsite next week and plan to be in the La Posa South area for a couple of weeks.  Will move to the Plamosa Road area around the 20th of January and join the “Classless Class” gathering through the remainder of the month.

The first two weeks of February will find us in Tucson so Tom can take in as many gem & mineral shows as he can get to!  Then, probably on to Benson for a few weeks to work on some rig projects.  After that, not sure :)  At some point we will begin moving north and return to Warren Bridge Campground by mid-May… looking forward to another summer there as hosts!

So, to each of you we send best wishes for this new year!  Looking forward to seeing those we will cross paths with, and will miss those we won’t be seeing for awhile… but think of you fondly! 

Be well, everyone!  Hugs, Dianne & Tom
It is okay to be an outsider, a recent arrival, new on the scene – and not just okay, but something to be thankful for… because being an insider can so easily mean collapsing  the horizons, can so easily mean accepting the presumptions of your province.  - Tan Le


  1. Happy New Year and a Grand Year it will be! Sure enjoyed our time together in Borrego Springs and our "Pitch In" on Christmas Day was outstanding! See ya later!

  2. Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple of weeks.

  3. When you get the 'Canadian' language figured out I must teach you 'Newfinese' !! LOL Our Province has a language all of its own.

  4. We are happy to welcome you as hono u rary Canadians. We wear out to ques with pride, eh. Yes, each province has a few of their own. On the west coast we have pot lucks or pot latches (but that's a whole other subject). See you soon.

  5. Sassy is right about that Newfinese alright. Those folks sure do talk different & it's great listening to them, But you gotta kinda listen pretty close at times. Yep was nice meeting you folks over there in Borrego Springs & it's always nice when the doggy guys get along so well too.


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