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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The beautiful, peaceful desert…

Hello from Borrego Springs, California where we have set up on BLM land for a few weeks of boondocking in a favorite spot!  The photo at top is the view from our dooryard. 

After great visits and adventures these past two months, we will sit tight here for a good part of December to just relax and hang out.  As you can see by the photo below, my three traveling companions settled right in.


Best wishes to all!  Dianne & Tom


  1. Enjoy Borrego ! So nice and peaceful there. I decided not to go there this year though. See you in Q !!

  2. Looks like the spot we were at in February. Enjoy the solitude and see you at Quartzsite.

  3. Trying to figure where you are. We are in the same general area and would love to meet you all.

    1. Hello... we would enjoy meeting you, also. Please send an email to us at We are about 8 miles east of town and look forward to hearing back from you, sending directions and making a plan :)


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