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Thursday, October 16, 2014

October on the road… family & friends :)

Hello everyone… hope each of you is enjoying fall!

After a couple of really busy weeks, we are about to disappear into the mountains near Creede, Colorado for some fishing, relaxing and taking in the beauty of some favorite places!  Probably no cell service or internet for awhile… on to Bayfield, CO around the 21st.

This blog post is full of photos of family and friends that many of you will not know.  For family and friends of those in the photos that do know these fine folks, we hope that you will enjoy seeing the photos and hearing about our visits during this special time. To those we did not get a chance to see… next time :)

Once we left the campground, our first visit was with Kayla & Weston in Cheyenne.  We arrived the day they signed papers to purchase their first house!  They arranged for the realtor to let us see it… what fun!  They will be able to move in at the end of this month!  We had great visits while there with them!!! Congrats, kids!
20141002_091329 20141001_145827

Next stop was to visit Joan, Chuck, Sharla & Dwight in Rexford, KS.  We enjoyed meals together and visits.  Enjoyed seeing the remodel progress on Sharla & Dwight’s home... very nice!  Thanks for the good food and great visits, each of you!  Good times together!
20141005_165257 20141005_115459

In Pueblo, we were able to meet up with Steve & Sylvia… it had been some 30 years since Tom had seen them.  We always feel like we “know” them thru Marjie, so it was great to connect!  They drove up from La Veta to shop, and we had coffee and a visit in our rig in a Sam’s parking lot… very nice!  And, we look forward to getting together at their ranch one of these days!!!  Also, we enjoyed beautiful fall colors on La Veta pass!
2014.10.07 Steve & Sylvia Hanson 20141011_140338

We had a great visit with Marjie and Chuck, and here is a shot of them being silly while looking at a historical map with Tom.  Always a good time together!!!

We met Doug, Darneil and Neva for breakfast and a good catch-up visit one morning!  You REALLY don’t want to stick your tongue out, Doug, when I’m snapping pictures!

One day we took a ride with Bunny & Ken to visit their ranch in La Veta… what a beautiful property!  Being together was just like old times after all our years of friendship and raising kids… the human kind and the goat kids!  Thanks for such a nice day, and we look forward to hearing about the progress of your projects!!!
20141011_140231 Bunny & Ken

While in Alamosa, we parked in Marilyn & Braxton’s yard and enjoyed the great views and convenient location!  Had good visits with them and so appreciate the hospitality!  Here they are all dressed up heading to church, plus a photo of Braxton and Tom working on a tractor project.
 20141012_102146 Braxton & Marilyn 20141013_111452

Also, enjoyed a wonderful catch-up visit with longtime-friend, Carol Ann.  As always, a good visit with her!!!  Thanks, Carol Ann! 

Rain cancelled our picnic-in-the-park plans with Kate, Ryan, Lucy and Obie one day, so they came to our rig for lunch instead… good family times together, and such adorable grandchildren!!! In January, Lucy will turn four and Obie will be two. A busy household, to say the least, and we are grateful for the times we spent together!  Wonderful family… good job, Kate & Ryan!!! In the last photo, the kids were examining Grampa’s prosthesis and trying to understand that strangeness :)
 20141012_113856 20141012_122506 20141012_12590220141008_163621

Our final visit in the beautiful San Luis Valley was with Margaret & Tyler… we parked at their ranch for a couple of days. We missed Jordyn, since she is away at college, but it was fun to be Morgan’s “practice client” for a pedicure and manicure in her cosmetology class!  We enjoyed good meals and visits with all three of them, plus taking in the horses, gardens, great views and a peaceful setting! Thank you, friends!!!
20141014_191710 20141014_175008 20141014_161624 20141014_172542 20141014_15443520141015_155210

With appreciation to you ALL for the wonderful visits and special times reconnecting!!!  Now, off to the mountains!

Be well, everyone!!!  Hugs, Dianne & Tom

“The mountains are calling, and we must go!”

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  1. My gawd. You have been busy. Grandchildren are adorable.


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