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Monday, September 15, 2014

Mid-September… this and that

We are winding down our season… closing the campground on September 30th.  More photos below of friends and special times together.  Here’s Becky & Dave at fireside one evening, and Dave with a really nice Brown Trout, 21-1/2 inches.  They were able to spend 10 days with us this return trip, and we are most grateful for the special time together!!!!
20140902_193129 B & D 20140903 IMG_884746345965050 Dave fish
Their home on a beautiful Wyoming evening!
 Also, time to reminisce… some of you family and friends will remember Foreign Exchange Students Nathalie (Holland) and Anna (Sweden) that lived with my family in Fallbrook, California during the school year 1987-88.  Two years later, Nathalie and Anna returned to Fallbrook and moved to Colorado with us for the summer.  I am most grateful to have stayed in touch with these two special young women!  Nathalie and her then-fiancé, Wybren, visited Tom and me in Colorado in 2001.  I have not seen Anna since 1990.  Thankfully, the internet is great for staying connected!  Nathalie and Wybren have a daughter and a son.  Anna and Johan have two sons.  This past summer both families got together!!!  Oh, how I would have loved to have been there but, alas :(  Anyway, I am pleased to be able to share photos from their holiday time together!!!  Also, Nathalie & family visited with Kim (Norway) who was also an Exchange Student in Fallbrook that year.
First photo:   Wybren, Nathalie, children Bram & Sarah. Kim on right.      Second photo:  Nathalie and Anna with children… center two boys are Anna’s sons, Viggo & Max.  Nathalie’s children left and right, Bram & Sarah. Not photographed, Anna’s husband, Johan.
IMG_0039 Nathalie & Family with Kim IMG_9971 Nathalie, Anna and Children
More visitors at Warren Bridge Campground…  while Becky & Dave were still here, friends Kris & Brian arrived from Nebraska on a quick vacation. (Tom and Brian worked together at Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado… we last saw them at their home in Nebraska two years ago).  Becky is also from Nebraska, so it was fun for them all to meet… GO CORN HUSKERS!  And, we all had a great couple of days together!  Brian and Tom went fishing.  Kris put her hairdresser skills to use cutting Dave’s hair and giving me a good trim.  She is SO talented… thanks, again, Kris!  Brian and Tom changed a tire… guy time while Kris and I had a really special visit one afternoon.  We enjoyed a couple of meals together!!!  Now they have all gone… we miss them and look forward to times together down the road! 
20140909_111641 20140909_175206
Above – Dave, Kris                                                                       Brian, Dave, Tom
Below – Brian, Tom                                                                      Kris, Tom, Dianne, Brian
20140909_171732  20140909_183635
Below – Brian, Kris, Becky, Dave                                                        Kris & Brian
20140909_184153 20140910_081529
Next time we post we will be on our way again, heading down the road after five months in western Wyoming!  It’s been grand, but we are ready roll again… counting our blessings (you all among them), living simply and well! 

Best wishes to each of you!  Tom and Dianne

“We just wanna be the happy bums that we are. That's all.”       Mike Patton


  1. Some of our best memories of the entire Summer! It was fantastic spending time with you both AND meeting Brian and Kris.

    See you down the road!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you this winter.

  3. I have really wonderful memories of the short time we got to spend with you guys this summer. Looking forward to next summer.

  4. Great post with lots of photos of that. Where to for the winter?

  5. What fun we had! Thank you so much for a wonderful time. You are the amazing, talented ones! Great food, Great conversation, and the gracious help with our worn tire (thankful we made it home). Can't wait to see you both again. Happy travels south! Enjoy your friends along the way! Brian and Kris


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