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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Bonus Visit…

What fun to have Carol & Steve contact us to ask if they could come visit us before we close the campground!  Of course!!!  Hadn’t seen them since Tucson last March, so lots to catch up on!!!  They arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and stayed until  today, Saturday… weather was gorgeous with sunny, blue-sky days that makes Fall a special time of year.  Sight-seeing and bike rides for them, meals together, good chats and good times around the campfire.  Now it is drizzling and gray… good timing!  Wishing them safe travels!

Thank you, Carol & Steve, for this time together!
 20140925_09583620140923_184138 Carol & Steve
One evening, while Carol & Steve were still with us, a young couple from Prague, Czech Republic camped nextdoor… we invited them to join us at the fire on a particularly beautiful evening.  They shared some of their “spirits” with us… Slivovitz Plum Whiskey!  Sweet people, and we enjoyed hearing about them and their month-long tour of our National Parks.  The sky was bright with stars, the company great... it was a special evening!

Now, counting down to our moving on Tuesday!

See you down the road… Dianne & Tom

 “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”  - Confucius


  1. Ah "spirits" bring the world's people together.

  2. We've discovered it's really nice to have or quiet time but then when someone visits us, it's even nicer. Glad you got to see Steve and Carol and enjoy each other.


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