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Sunday, August 3, 2014

August already!


Time continues to fly by, and all is well here at Warren Bridge Campground!  Not a lot to report… Tom continues to stay up with the watering, mowing and trimming at campsites and labyrinth area… if this first photo had a caption, it would read, “Hey, didn’t I retire so I didn’t have to do yard work anymore”?

20140730_095219 20140730_150041

You will see by the following “before & after” photos that Nell got a haircut.  Sure changed her appearance… doesn’t look much like an English Shepherd anymore!  Not sure we like the look, but know that she is more comfortable and it is certainly easier to brush her and keep her cleaner.  Sadly, all that hair hid some of truths about her age of nearly 11… she is starting to look like an old dog.  We are most grateful that she is healthy!

2011.10 CO-UTAH Trip 204 20140731_102647

Giving equal time to Maggie… here are a couple of photos of her.  What a life!

20140705_170911 20140702_095432

August brings more family and friends stopping in here, and we are most excited for their visits… will have photos in the next update!

Sending best wishes to all… be well!  Dianne & Tom


  1. Glad all is well. I really like Nell's new haircut.

  2. Wow - Nell really looks different but I bet she is a happier puppy. Our pups are all getting older but still living the good life. Especially Maggie. Have a great August. Almost time to start thinking about moving on.


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