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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mid-July Update

     Amazing how time is flying by!  The July 4th weekend was interesting with just five campsites occupied on our busiest night!  We had no idea what to expect, but several campers commented that they love to come here for holidays for just that reason… quiet and uncrowded!  Works for us :)  Has been picking up since, and we have had as many as nine campsites occupied a couple of nights!

      We were pleased to have Barbara & Wayne spend the holiday weekend with us!  They made several trips from our campground to Jackson and the Tetons, so we got in visits as their schedule allowed. We had a meal together at our home one evening, ice cream a couple of evenings as we chatted, and ate at a nearby, recently-opened restaurant we had been wanting to try… very good, and we highly recommend the Branding Iron Café in Bondurant, Wyoming to anyone in the area!  Thanks to Wayne for taking a new photo of our Warren Bridge Campground on the Green River, and for coming to visit us! 
20140706_193016 20140706_165127
Warren Bridge Campground by Wayne Reese
     The Green River Rendezvous was an annual event in the 1830s. Mountain Men, Trappers, Travelers and Indians all gathered in a valley “below the Green” river and bartered, traded, sold, and swapped various items such as skins, pelts, guns, jewelry and whatever else they needed. All knew the place where Horse Creek flowed into the Green in the Upper Green River Valley, the site of six Rendezvous. The Rendezvous lasted anywhere from a few days to several months and was a time for getting new supplies, renewing acquaintances with old friends, story swapping, drinking and general rowdiness.

     This past weekend was the Green River Rendezvous celebration. Held the second full weekend of each July, it relives the early Mountain Man history of the area. During Rendezvous, the town of Pinedale comes alive with activities and events surrounding the Mountain Man theme, such as fur trade lectures, demonstrations and tours, talks by Native American historians and fur trade era historians, American Mountain Men encampment, parade, Trader’s Row, craft fair, art show, Rendezvous Pageant and rodeos.  Here are a few photos…
2014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 010 2014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 0162014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 0062014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 0092014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 004    2014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 0052014.07.11-12 Mt. Man Rendezvous 008
     Yesterday we said goodbye to some campground visitors that we are pleased to now call “friends.”  From Louisiana, Deborah & Keith are long-time RVers, but new to “fulltiming,” and just happened to stumble upon our campground.  We meet a lot of nice people, but found a special connection with them! (Hmmm… sounds familiar, doesn’t it!)  “Shared rving histories, tips and hints, and they will be joining the Escapees RV Club soon!  Thinking they might like to attend a RV Boot Camp and join us in Quartzsite in January!  They will be an awesome addition to our Classless Class!  So many people have shared with us and helped us out, particularly in the beginning… was great to “give back” a bit.  Welcome, friends!
     Today our Day Use Area is a busy, busy place as we are a “rest stop” on Day 3 of Tour de Wyoming.  The route for this event covers 413 miles in six days. Some 400 participants, bicycle riders and event staff, are scurrying about. We are enjoying watching it all today!
20140715_111541 20140715_111626
     Wow!  A busy two weeks of good visits, events, warmer weather and great summer storms!  We are well, and wish the same for each of you! 

     Be well, everyone!!!  Dianne & Tom


  1. It's crazy how quickly summer is speeding by! Sounds like you're keeping busy. 😀. Keep up the good work!

    1. And, you keep on having great adventures, too! Be seeing you soon!

  2. Summer can't speed by fast enough for us. Time to be on the road again.

    600 - 800 people in our park most days.

    1. I can't even imagine those numbers! Hang in there and be well!

  3. Sure wish we had been in your campground over the 4th instead of here with all the fireworks. Love your rainbow picture.

    1. Thanks... that rainbow was a treat! We . Sure didn't miss fireworks...wish you'd been here, too! Hugs to you both!


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