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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loss & Blessings

     Our quiet, peaceful lives here in Wyoming made me wonder what I might write about this time as I post a bi-weekly blog update.  But then, I’m standing at the kitchen counter cutting up veggies for a pot of soup and Tom reads to me from a Facebook post of a friend saying goodbye to her brother who has just passed.  And I think of my cousin who has just this past week lost his daughter.  Others we know of have suffered recent losses, and some are dealing with illness. Much sadness! How does one balance the good in each of our lives with such losses?  How do we post about fun gatherings and simple things, yet be sensitive to the losses and struggles of our friends and family?

     A sweet friend always ends his communications with the phrase, “Life Is Good.”  And, I believe, we MUST embrace these sentiments!  There is sadness and loss.  There is pain.  But, life IS good!  It seems that those who leave us behind wouldn’t wish for our lives to be anything but good!  So, we must not feel guilty when we are enjoying ourselves, any of us, having a laugh or experiencing fun and adventures.  Life is to be lived, and to be lived to the best of our abilities… ever mindful of the losses and yet celebrating the blessings.

     Now, after the heaviness of the two previous paragraphs, we move to a big blessing in our lives… visits with friends and sharing the joys of our adventures!  Becky & Dave arrived on June 20th to spend several days with us! One day, we took a drive to a place near by where Dave had camped and fished at back in the late 80s… Green River Lakes.  So beautiful, and such fun to be with them both as he reminisced about this area and his past adventures. We had good times together, the guys fished a bit (small fish, but tasty!), and it was fun to have them with us on the Summer Solstice! Special friends… we look forward to their return in a few weeks when they can stay longer!!!

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      So, as this new month of July begins, we wish each of you the joys of Summer, and heartfelt sympathy for those struggling.  Find the joy and celebrate the good times! Shed the tears, feel the pain, and look forward to all that is good.  Yes, Freddy… life is good!

Hugs and best wishes to all!  Dianne & Tom

 “One cannot get through life without pain. What we can do is choose how to use the pain life presents to us.” Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.


  1. Very nicely said. Life is good even when it is sad. Miss you guys.

    1. Thank you, Sandie... we miss you guys, too, and hope you are both well and happy. Look forward to our next time together :)

  2. The sad times really magnify the good times, don't they. Make us appreciative of the good.


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