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Friday, January 17, 2014

Quartzsite - One Year Later

Amazing to think that it is one year since we came here to Quartzsite, AZ to meet up with fellow Escapee RV Club members.  Since we became fulltimers in 2012, we are part of the Class of 2012, but there were just two couples of us from that class that joined in with a group of 2008-09 classmates, a sprinkling of other years, and a new group grew out of that gathering to be the Classless Class. Yes, lots of joking about that name!
Last year was also the year we traded in our truck and trailer and moved into a motorhome while here at Quartzsite.  No regrets about that!!!  We have loved this change, and I especially love riding in the passenger seat of the MH as we tow our car. (Becky, so will you!!!)
So, we are gathered again with rv friends at La Posa South BLM area… some we have seen here and there throughout the past year, some we had not seen since last year, some not parked here but joining in now and then, and others that we had not met until now.  A great group!  But, alas, there are some that we got to know last year that are traveling elsewhere right now… Lynn and Roger, Tina and Jeff… you are missed!!! 
Now, to backtrack a bit… ushering in the new year while doing our solar installation in the desert west of Yuma, AZ was a great time in a beautiful area!  We truly loved the Ogilby Road - American Girl Mine Road location we were at!  A wonderful boondocking place that we will certainly return to!!!  Had good times with friends Alice and Robbie… a trip across the border to Los Algodones for lunch and shopping (yeah, I know $10 was too much to pay for that purse!), and a prime rib dinner at a stateside casino were great!
Look forward to seeing you both again soon!!!
2014.01.04 020  2014.01.04 015
2014.01.02 Alice, Robbie  2014.01.05 001 Robbie, Alice, Dianne, Tom

While in the Yuma area, we also visited with Toni & Doug, Sandie & Jim and Jan & Bill.  Toni & Doug hosted a nice potluck and fireside gathering one evening, and another day six of us went across the border once again… Tom and I got our teeth cleaned, and some of the others had crowns and various work done.  In spite of their more extensive dental work, we all still enjoyed a good day together and tasty lunch.   
DSCN0032  2014.01.08 005
Also, had a couple of visits with Denise, and enjoyed dinner with her at the casino…more chats in our future, Denise!  Always fun to visit and share with you!!! 
We arrived in Quartzsite last week and enjoyed some time in the Plomosa Road BLM area before moving here to join our group.  While there, Karen & Bob arrived and parked near by… so fun to get to know you two special people more!!!  The four of us went to town one day and poked around the vendor booths.  Also, had a campfire gathering at their place one evening, and Shoko and Harry joined in… fun time.
So, now we are here with our Classless Class group and enjoying time with these friends.  The following are a photo of our “compound” with just two rigs here, and another as the space is filling in. Photo taken from our rig roof! 

2014.01.14 La Posa South 004  2014.01.16 001
And, great to have Denise pop by for a visit, as well as Karen and Bob!!!
2014.01.16 Denise 002  2013.12.18 004 Karen & Bob Ritchie
Many good visits for the next week or so… campfire gatherings, potlucks, happy hours, walks, shopping and excursions… you name it! Then we will each head out in different directions and REST, ever grateful for good times with RV friends!
 Be well!  Dianne & Tom


  1. You need to climb up on that RV and take one more picture of all the new arrivals. I think we have 13 or 14 rigs here now.

    1. Sure do... amazing how many more arrived today! Going to need a wide-angle shot to capture our compound now... will have to chat with some of the photographers in our group tomorrow and see what we can come up with :)

  2. Jeeze, I need a rest just after reading your Blog !! And some people wonder what they would do with themselves if/when they retire !!

  3. Boy, a year sure goes fast! And it looks like you guys are have a lot of fun... Tom, I like the Solar project. Next time we're together, I'd like to look it over more.

    Alice and I are still in Michigan. Jan 6 brought a new (and 1st) grandchild, 7lb, 4oz Opal Naomi. I call her "Little Miss Princess". We will be leaving in a few weeks after Baby gets a little older... we are anxious to get to the SouthWest. We will pick up our MH (stored in Tx), and head directly to Arizona, probably Benson initially. Should get there sometime around the 1st of March. Then we'll start the year...

    Take care, and we hope to see you folks sometime soon.

    1. Congratulations! What fun... you must each be grinning ear to ear! Hope that everyone is settling in and that baby and new parents are finding a rhythm as they adjust to this new life. A blessing, to be sure! Let us know when you get out west... we should still be in the area in March and look forward to getting together! Hugs, D & T

  4. Great, fun blog post. Well done. So glad you are so enjoying fulltiming.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, we are... and, after all, you shared lots of good info to help us get started. Take care, keep on having fun, and we hope our paths will cross again one day!
      Hugs, D & T


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