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Friday, January 31, 2014

January Wrap-Up

We had such a great time in Quartzsite with our RVing friends! There were 15 or so rigs in our little compound. Had great visits around the campfire each night, some planned events and some spur-of-the-moment gatherings.  Margarita and quesadilla night was a blast!  Thanks to the organizational and photographic skills of Carol Ann Dwyer, we got a terrific photo of our Escapees RV Club “Classless Class”!  Not an easy task to rein in this group of knuckleheads… good job Carol!  A truly great group of fellow RVers to be with! 
2014.01.22 Q-Group.
A potluck dinner was our main gathering, and tribute was presented to Lee (known as IYQ), our oldest member… he holds the record for most years full timing.  Lee is a wealth of knowledge, and has the kindest heart… we all love you, Lee!
  2014.01.22 Jan 22_10444[8] Toni  2014.01.22 jan22a-14 Jeri
Also enjoyed time with others not parked with our group… several good visits with Karen & Bob (photo in last post)!  Was fun to see my cousin Lynda and her husband Korky!  Seems the only time we get together is in Quartzsite!  Also, enjoyed a visit with Diane and Glyn, the great folks we are taking over for at Warren Bridge Campground in Wyoming this summer!
2014.01.25 160020 Lynda, Korky  2014.01.26 150530 Glyn, Diane
One afternoon we went to visit Denise (Sassysondaroad blog),  at an adjacent BLM area, and Nina & Paul  (WheelingIt blog) came by.  We have followed Nina’s blog for some time, and met her and Paul in Borrego Springs.  Nice to connect again… and, always great to be with Denise!!! (I don’t know how to “link” to a blog, but both of these are listed under “blogs we follow” at right.)  And, this last photo is of Nell with her chin on Alice & Robbie’s steps, waiting “patiently” for more cookies :)
2014.01.26_161441 Nina, Paul, Denise  2014.01.23 172741 Waiting for cookies
After Quartzsite we spent a few days in Congress, AZ doing some cleaning, rig maintenance, laundry and cooking.  Tom installed the final piece of our solar system… a charge control monitor!  He checks it regularly and giggles!  And, interesting to think that it was a year ago that we met Becky & Dave, Alice & Jim, and Mary & Bob here at RV Boot Camp. Good to have stayed in touch, and looking forward to visits with you all again soon!!!

We are now in Tucson, AZ for a couple weeks and Tom is looking forward to all the gem & mineral shows here!  (NO MORE ROCKS, TOM!) He says he is looking for just a few special specimens… time to change gears and focus on good desert adventures before our trip north to Wyoming and LOTS OF FISHING!

So, that’s our January wrap-up.  Drop a note when you can, please, as we really want to stay in touch!  We send good wishes to each of you!  Be well! 

Hugs, Dianne & Tom


  1. We did have a great time. Back in AJ today and it's nice to have hookups. Just wish it wasn't so cold.


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