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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!


     The Winter Solstice has come and gone, and the days begin getting longer!  It’s almost Christmas, and soon a new year begins… where did 2013 go???

     Our time in the Anza-Borrego area of California was wonderful and peaceful.  Made some great new friends, had some terrific visits, enjoyed the open spaces and amazing views.  The first two photos are with my sister, Sherri, and her husband Ed, who drove out from Fallbrook to visit for a day… we were honored!  The fireside gathering was Escapee RVers all parked in the area… way fun to meet up with friends, old and new!

2013.12.17 019 Ed, Sherri, Dianne, Tom  2013.12.17 021 Ed & Sherri 2013.12.18 001 

L-R Standing: Karen, Terry, Edie, Paul, Dianne, Bob, Skip, Jean.       Seated: Harry, Shoko, Tom, Denise… look forward to seeing you all in Q!

     We finally pulled together our plans to add some solar to our rig… a most exciting step, to say the least!  So, with a home on wheels, we changed our plans… yes, the plans that we write in the dust on the dash :) Went to Norco, CA to pick up solar panels, a charge controller and supplies to get started. Then went to Jojoba Hills SKP for a few days to regroup and shop in Temecula… another bonus was time with friends Kathleen and Mike who are residents there (their photo was in our last post).  Thanks for the hospitality, K & M! 

     Saturday evening was a special gathering at my sister’s home… she and Ed are great hosts, and time with their three children, spouses and two little ones were great fun.  Also there, and nice to visit with, were other family members… a very enjoyable evening! Below is a family photo of them from last year and the new one from Saturday evening.

2014.2013 Alfords

L-R Michael, Jaxon, Sierra, Megan, Drew, Asher, Leah, Sherri, Ed

     So, now we are parked at the home of friends in Fallbrook.  Great location for visits!  We are tucked in   a sunny spot behind their shop. Thanks, Sharon and Jerry!  (The two photos below show our current location.)   While here, we look forward to time with family and friends in the area.  Heading to Yuma, AZ on December 29th.

2013.12.23 001 Kayl's - Fallbrook, CA  2013.12.23 002 Kayl's - Fallbrook, CA

     At this time of year, with celebrations and gatherings aplenty, we pause to focus on the meaning of the season, on the joy of family and friends, and the many blessings in our lives.  May this Christmas and the new year ahead be a special blend of reflection and anticipation.  And, may you travel your path in peace!

Fondly, Dianne & Tom


  1. Great spending time with you guys. I'll be back in Yuma around the same time so maybe we'll bump into each other again before Q.

    1. Look forward to time with you again soon!

  2. Your visit in December was one of the bright spots in my year. You definitely occupy a space high on my list of Great Folks. Lee

    1. Thank you, Lee, for the kind words! We think you're pretty terrific yourself, and certainly look forward to time together in Q! Be well!

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  4. You cannot imagine how the fact that you met and made friends with our friends makes me feel. Wonderful. I am going to email you.

    1. Yes, Toni... I think we might know, as we feel honored to have met and claimed these friends to our circle. Thanks for sharing them... see you both soon!


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