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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mid-November Update


The three-day Moab Folk Festival was a great start to the month of November… any day listening to music is a good day!  And, we discovered a couple of new musicians we like, in addition to seeing three we had enjoyed in the past.  We then said goodbye to the beautiful red rocks of Moab for another year.

2013.10.31 008  2013.11.01 025

We had heard from friends about Goosenecks State Park, so made it our final Utah stop… breathtaking!

2013.11.05 009  2013.11.05 004

After a couple of days in Prescott, Arizona, we are now in Cottonwood enjoying some great boondocking on National Forest land not far from town.  Mostly, we have just been hanging out and feeling blessed to have remarkable, warm weather and great views!

2013.11.10 003  2013.11.09 007 2013.11.10 001

We have explored this area, Jerome and Sedona.  The following are a few photos from Sedona… beautiful red rocks and the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross.

2013.11.13 004  2013.11.13 015  2013.11.13 021

From here we will travel to the Phoenix area next week. Looking forward to meeting up with friends Sandi & Jim! Then moving on to Quartzsite for a couple of days to have a quick visit with longtime friends Sandy and Paul who will be passing through on their way from Texas to California to spend Thanksgiving with family. This is their first “real trip” with their truck and new 5th-wheel, and we are looking forward to the visit!  From there, we are headed to Borrego Springs, CA where we plan to enjoy the eastern California desert through the end of this year.  We look forward to visits with friends and family in the Southern California area who might venture out to visit us there… you know who you are :) and we’d love to see you!  Just write or call and we’ll make a plan!!!  My parents are coming to join us in Borrego Springs for the Thanksgiving week :)

We want to send out a big THANK YOU to friend Carol who took the new photo that we added to our blog profile. While in Moab, we were so glad to finally meet Carol and Steve after knowing of them through the Escapes forum for the past couple years.  Carol is a professional photographer and asked to make a portrait for us.  After some reluctance (and being a bit embarrassed), we told her to go for it.  We are most pleased to have this new portrait… thank you Carol! 

Well, that about catches you all up on things with us… we are well and happy, and wish the same for each of you.  Please stay in touch, and we look forward to seeing some of you in the desert of California in December, or in Quartzite in January!

Fondly, Dianne & Tom


  1. Love your new portrait!! Great pics of your travel places too! Safe journeys & hope to see you in 2014. Hope your puppy's foot has gotten better...
    Be well & keep livin' like ya mean it. ;-)

    1. After a visit to a vet in Tempe today to remove some stickers we couldn't get, we were sent on our way with antibiotics and advice, so we promptly headed to REI for boots to better protect Nell from the desert stickers! Hope Willy is better now, also. Thanks for the photo compliments... our best to you both and we, too, look forward to seeing you next year!

  2. Good the photos and your new profile photo is awesome!

  3. Carol really does an exceptional job. That photo of you guys is perfect. Can hardly wait to see you guys again. I thought that Chapel was so incredibly beautiful.

    1. Thanks! We SO enjoyed our time with you both yesterday! See you in Q! Hugs! D & T

  4. I'd love to say come and visit us but we're not quite sure where we'll be. The chalk is in one hand and the eraser in another.

    1. If not before, we will see you both in Q! Tom now writes our plans in the dust on the dash :). Enjoy your family gatherings!

  5. Hi you two !! Just read your post on the Escapee Forum. I headed out of Q earlier in the week and have been in Yuma.

    Sorry we missed each other but I'm sure we'll see each other in January !


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