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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First two weeks of June…

     Well, it has been a nice time here at Vallecito Reservoir near Bayfield, Colorado.  Fun to be with friends, and to spend time with our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons nearby.  The fishing has been great!  Internet is poor, so we seldom get to send e-mails or post to the rv forum, though we are able to read messages now and then.  Not able to read the blogs of those who post, so we are missing those!  Sending this post from our son’s.  Hope this finds everyone doing well!
     The first photo below was taken while we were still in Albuquerque but I wanted to include it since it was so fun to get time with RV friends along the way (L-R… Tom, Jim, Sandie, Dianne, Nancy, Dave).  This second photo is of RV friends, Delcie and Freddy, who are the campground hosts here at Graham Creek Canpground. Enjoying being their neighbors!
2013.05.27 Albq - Tom, Jim, Sandie, Dianne, Nancy, Dave 2013.06.10 Delcie & Freddy
When we arrived, the grandsons came to check out our new home… I think they especially liked the steering wheel in the living room! Grandson, Logan, turned seven soon after we arrived, and he and “Fuzzy Grampa” had a fun fishing day, followed by a birthday party that evening.
2013.06.02 Owen, Logan, Grampa2013.06.04 001 Logan, Tom 
2013.06.04 005 Logan's B-day 2013.06.04 007 Logan's B-day
Tom and Kevin got off to a great start at the fishing.  Kevin showed Tom his method of making bait sacks, and how he filets trout… always good to learn some new tricks.  We had a yummy supper and put some packages of trout in the freezer for later!
2013.06.03 Kevin, Tom tying bait sacks 2013.06.08 007 Tom, Kevin
Some of the great things during this relaxing time in the mountains, are working on projects and enjoying summer evenings.  Below, is a photo of Tom working on a new leather wallet, and one of me and Delcie enjoying a pretty evening with our dogs.
2013.06.09 Tom - wallet 2013.06.10 Dianne, Delcie
Father’s Day weekend was all about family time together!  We moved to a spacious site at North Canyon Campground for the next two weeks, also hosted by Freddy and Delcie, and next door to Graham Creek Campground.  Plenty of room for Kevin and Kirsten’s tent, and play areas for Logan and Owen.  Kirsten fixed a delicious breakfast down at the lake Father’s Day morning!  We are blessed!
2013.06.16 005  2013.06.15 003 2013.06.15 004 2013.06.16 002  2013.06.16 0042013.06.16 003
Best wishes to all… keep in touch, and keep on enjoying the summer! D & T


  1. What an enjoyable post.

    Hey when did you get a fireplace in your rig. I want one too.

    Cute family, all of them, especially Fuzzy Grampa.

    Hugs to all including Freddy and Delcie.

    1. No fireplace in our rig... our kids' house. Would be nice though :)

  2. Certainly looks like you have been very busy. Love the addition with the fireplace.

  3. Nice job on the blog. wow, first Nancy and Dave, now Freddie and Delcie! Everyone seems to be having a great time. We missed meeting you guys in AZ this winter (went to FL instead). Hopefully next winter! Tell everyone Paul and Sue say hi!

  4. Hi Sue... thanks for the comment, and we look forward to meeting you and Paul one of these days! We've heard nice things about you, and we will look forward to connecting next winter!

  5. Howdy Tom & Dianne,
    What great pictures!!! Aren't we the luckiest people EVER!!?? Dave is massive jealous of the trout! He's only been able to go fishing once & is itchin' to get out there again. Congrats to "fuzzy grandpa" on the new leg. You're stylin' now!
    Just keep doin' what you're doin'!

    Dave & Becky


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