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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fires Info; Dianne’s Parents Visit…

We first want to say that we are safe and there are no fires near us. However, we are most concerned about the fires near South Fork and Creede, Colorado.  A number of friends have homes/cabins/ranches in the area… all livestock and people are evacuated. The fire crews must be doing a remarkable job, as no structures have been lost. Some of our favorite areas have been severely damaged, and will never be the same. We hope everyone involved stays safe!

Those of you who know my parents, Bev and Mac, and our children, may enjoy the following.  They were here at a nearby cabin for four days.  We had good visits as they ran back and forth between our son Kevin’s home and our campground site.  On their travels, in addition to a variety of family and friends, they stopped to see each of our five children and enjoyed visits with them, their spouses, and our seven grandchildren. In the first two photos are Bev & Mac with grandchildren Trevor, Sara & Teagan.  And a photo of our son Brian, his wife, Krista, and the children.  So far away… we miss them!
Mom's Photos 184 Mom's Photos 183
Another stop was dinner with son, Loren, and our daughter, Kayla and her husband, Weston. We were fortunate to see them all this spring, and will be getting together with them again in July!
2013.06.18 Dad, Loren, Kayla, Mom IMAG0167-1 2013.06.18 Dad, Kayla, Weston, Mom IMAG0164-1
In Alamosa, they got together with youngest son, Ryan, and met his wife, Kate, and our two youngest grandchildren, Obie and Lucy. We, too, enjoyed time with Ryan, Kate and the kids in May… yippee… more time together in July! 
Mom's Photos 242 Mom's Photos 247
This final stop here in Bayfield, CO yielded many gatherings. A great fish dinner at Kevin and Kirsten’s one evening, and beautiful breakfast the next day, some meals at our campsite and lunch at a little restaurant overlooking the lake.  Too many photos to post, but here are a few… everyone enjoyed the time together!
2013.06.24 0052013.06.22 007
2013.06.22 005 2013.06.22 006
Kevin, Owen, Kirsten, Bev, Logan, Mac          Tom, Dianne, Bev, Mac

So, lots of family time!  Tom and I are enjoying frequent visits with Kevin, Kirsten, Logan and Owen while spending this time in “their neighborhood.” 
Thanks for letting us share… Hugs, D & T


  1. So many smiles. You have a lovely family!

  2. So glad you are safe from the fires. So very very sad. Great family times - that's what it's all about.

  3. One of the advantages of fulltiming in an RV is that you can visit each and every family member as often as you want. There should be a requirement that each one buy a house with a big long driveway.

  4. Wonderful photos of family - everyone is so happy - best part of visiting with your own RV - is your own space! I agree with Jerri - every family member should have a long driveway!! and while we are at it - 30AMP!!

  5. Glad all is going well for you guys! the photos look "cool", unlike the weather here in Roswell.... haha! Take good care.... Jan

    1. Hi Jan... so nice to see your comment here and "connect" with you a bit. Hope you saw the photo of us with Nancy and Bill, and Nancy and Dave in our next post... you can be sure that you and Steve were talked about, and it was all good! Hope you all are doing well... we miss you, and send good wishes!


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