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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snow & Friends

 Well, May 1st brought another snow storm here near Denver, CO... eight inches, and the next day the sun came back out and the snow melted off rapidly. 

Today, three other couples we met in Quartzsite in January joined us... so fun to get together again.
Left to right... Julie & Mike, Tina & Jeff, Lynn & Roger, Dianne & Tom... a mini-reunion of our Quartzsite group of the "Classless Class."  And, to think... we thought we might be all alone out here on our RVing adventure.  It is truly a joy to catch up with other fulltimers along the way.


  1. One of the really fun things about this life is that fact that you never know when somebody is going to sneak up on you. Have a great time. And try to stay out of trouble. lol

  2. See, you've already started gathering together your "family on the road". You have your "community" started. So happy for you.

  3. What a classless group of folks you have hanging around together. We'd send some of our nice weather your way but we're selfish and want to keep it ourselves. Looks like you'll all be enjoying yourselves no matter the weather though.


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