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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just practicing...

Ok... trying this with a larger font and thinking it might be easier to read?

Now, I'll try inserting a photo of Tom showing off his first fish of the season... a nice little brown trout that we will have along with our dinner tonight. 

Plus a few photos of Mother's Day with friends, and our rv spot with Nancy and Dave in Del Norte, CO. 
Tyler, Tom, Dave, Nancy
Margaret & Tyler
Still can't figure out how to position photos and wording like I want, but making  progress.   :) 
Braxton, Marilyn, Dianne

Morgan, Jordyn (Marg & Ty's daughters)
Our two rigs... Nancy & Dave on left; us on right
Tomorrow we are heading to Creede, CO with Nancy & Dave to do some exploring and enjoy the beautiful mountains. Probably won't have cell or internet service much the rest of the week... then back to Alamosa on 5/19 for a week. Life is good! Will be in touch later...



  1. Are you using live writer? I find it much easier to position pictures in live writer than I do using blogger. Jeri taught me about live writer. Congrats on the fish. You know that fishing ranks really high on Jim's list of activities.

  2. Tom and Dianne, found you through Bobbie and Jim. They too got us interested in full-timing. We will be out there soon. You are doing great on your blog. Bobbie got me started on mine 3.5 years ago. Hopefully we will get to meet you. For the moment we are in Norman, OK. If you are this way please stop and say hi! Keep on writing!

  3. Well, I like the font size better....for my "mature" eyes. I also like your choice of the green "theme". Stick with it. For the photos see if you have an "alignment" that you can choose left, right, or center placement for your photos. Love you.

  4. The font is better but, I liked the burgundy background.

    Boy Nancy and Dave's rig sure did get changed.


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